Thursday, July 30, 2009

booze required

I came from work to a husband who is totally annoyed with the pace of our renovations. Our #1 trade is tied up with another job and the floor refinishing dude is on the wrong schedule. That said, hubby wanted to drink tonight; in fact, he actually want to go out for dinner to drink tonight.
However, we've already eaten out twice this week (shawarma on Tuesday and pizza on Wednesday) so I couldn't let it happen. Instead we had homemade pita chips, hummus, a messy-sans basil-Caprese salad, top sirloin kabobs and local green beans. Plus, a bottle of western Australian Shiraz. We needed it.


  1. Your dinner sounds amazing!

    Renovations are always tough but the house will look fantastic when it's done! xoxo

  2. offer your contractors a dinner like this once they've got the job done..that'll get them moving!

  3. Wow, if I could eat like this, I would tear up my house too! Thanks for sharing your site. I will venture here often.


  4. Melissa - glad you like the blog! Looking forward to hearing from you. :)