Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Martha's Vineyard: The Net Result (guest post by David)

Every year my brother-in-law David meets his Uncle Fred, cousin and brother on Martha's Vineyard for a boating trip. I wish we could come along. Hope you enjoy this guest post from David...
We have a tradition of ordering steamed lobsters in advance from the awesome fish store across from the Vineyard Haven marina - The Net Result. They run a terrific business selling fresh seafood as well as take-out prepared foods including sushi, fish and chips and lobster rolls. There are picnic tables outside the store that are always full of customers eating lunch, dinner and whatever in between. We always order the lobsters which come beautifully cooked and stored hot in a paper bag so we can take them across the street to the marina's rooftop patio to enjoy with some nice swordfish that we cook up on the barbeque there. Everything is fresh and caught in local waters nearby. There is some yummy seaweed salad on the side of my plate and a bit of butter to dip with my lobster. The red cup has our traditional beverage for boating: delicious Weiser's Canadian whiskey (now made here in Windsor!) and ginger-ale.

David is a lawyer in Windsor. He enjoys the Grateful Dead, blueberry picking and spending time with his beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. Most importantly, he is a wonderful brother-in-law and friend.


  1. That the biggest freaking lobster I've ever seen. I want one.