Sunday, July 5, 2009

Scottsdale, AZ: Sweet Republic

Top five reasons you should visit the Sweet Republic:

1. They guarantee 24 homemade flavours of ice cream and frozen yogurt daily. Flavours may include salted butter caramel swirl (my pick!), basil lime sorbet, cheese course duo, real mint chip, etc.

2. If you get a waffle cone, rest assured that it's about 20 minutes fresh and made on-site.

3. Shop interior was designed and constructed with an environmental conscience.

4. They're famous for their bacon brittle ice cream. CRAZY! It's not always available to the public but if you can swing a cone or a taste, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Rather than tasting like meat, it tastes almost like a crunchy caramel. This reconfirms my love for bacon smothered in maple syrup.

5. The service rocks! We were lost about 10 minutes prior to Sweet Republic's closing time. Devyn and her co-worker were patient with our three phone calls for directions. Moreover, they were funny and friendly when we arrived and didn't rush us out. We even got a taste of their secret stash of bacon brittle ice cream. The service was so good that the MBAs in the car remarked that Sweet Republic was lucky to have employees who treat their business like their own and who made us feel like the most important people on the planet even though they were probably dying to close-up and celebrate the Fourth of July!
Did I mention that they were just voted one of the top 10 ice cream joints in America by Bon Appetit?

Go there.


  1. i am all about salted butter caramel swirl. just sayin...

  2. Um, now I'm jealous.

    P.S. Did you have happen to see a P.B. Loco Cafe? Think ice cream shop meets salad bar with the central theme of peanut butter behind every dish.

  3. Merrick, I wish I had looked for the P.B. Loco Cafe. Sounds like a perfect lunch spot. Totally thought of you at Sweet Republic...probably reason enough for you to head to Scottsdale!

  4. Sounds amazing! Now I want ice cream ;-)