Thursday, July 9, 2009

grilled veal + buffala mozzarella brushchetta

Buffala mozzarella bruschetta
Grilled veal with swiss chard
Just finished a lovely dinner with Aunts Susan and Teri. We enjoyed a meal from the River Cafe Cookbook Easy. That's two nights in a row...what simple recipes! I had about 15 minutes before they arrived to get dinner ready. I marinated the veal with garlic, fresh sage, olive oil and lemon juice. While the veal was soaking up all those wonderful flavours, I grilled some Italian bread to make a buffala mozzarella bruschetta with arugula, basil, and some black olives. Unfortunately, our swiss chard side was not a hit. It look really pretty on the plate but no one finished it! Overall, a nice summer meal. I'm thinking that you should pick up this book.


  1. That all looks so delicious!

  2. Hi Jordana,

    That is so great re: writing a guest post for my blog!

    Just email me with your text and pictures and anything you have in mind will be great, I am sure!

    I will post-date the submissions and let you know when they will appear so that you can "advertise" on your blog too!