Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Detroit, MI: Bourbon Steak

Duck Fat Fries Trio

Some restaurants remain on my "celebrations only" list. Honestly, you shouldn't eat at Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak Detroit on a regular basis. The food is just too rich; in both taste and price. However, it's perfect if you want to do something decadent for a special occasion...like my mother-in-law's 65th birthday! For me, the best part of Bourbon Steak is not the steak. It's the "amuse bouche". Explain to me why all restaurants don't offer duck fat fries to start a meal?!?! In addition, I absolutely adore the appetizer menu. In fact, next time I would be inclined to order only the little plates.

Romaine hearts with white anchovy and black olive tapenade Lettuce cup with crab and spicy louie sauce Kobe beef tartare
~I didn't think I'd like raw meat but now this is one of my favourite apps~ American Kobe rib-eye Side of "magical" mushrooms
~a throwback to my mother-in-law's earlier years (just kidding!)~ Side of blue cheese potato gratin
Late-breaking news: I just noticed something enticing on Michael Mina's The Eating Sweetie blog. You can now enjoy Bourbon's Burger Bar in Detroit, Miami and Scottsdale. The burger bar is complete with beef, lamb, turkey or falafel burgers and milkshakes (with or without alcohol). Sounds like the perfect reason to head to Bourbon without a momentous occasion in mind.