Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday dinner: braised short ribs

A few years ago Sharon and I went to a cooking class at the local LCBO (government-owned liquor store, for my American friends). The class was taught by Erik Peacock, from Niagara's Wellington Court Cafe. He showed us how to make Asian-inspired beef short ribs. We left the class and Sharon's been making those sweet, gingery short ribs ever since. It's taken me almost five years to attempt short ribs and I decided to try a more traditional recipe.

Braised in red wine and Port, short ribs can be started in the afternoon and left to cook over the next several hours. What wonderful comfort food for a cold Sunday night!

My Sunday Night Menu from Bonnie Stern's Friday Night Dinners

Hummus with cilantro pesto

Braised beef short ribs on red-skinned smashed potatoes
~I added roasted garlic and a couple of spoonfuls of caramelized onions for fun~

When I mentioned on Twitter that I was making comfort food for dinner, Meg from Maker's Table sent links to two of her favourite recipes: Beef Stew with Zinfandel and Mama Lorette's Rice Pudding. I will be sure to try both of these recipes soon!

Do you have a recipe that you'd like to share? What's your favourite, go-to, homemade comfort food?


  1. Pasta is my go-to comfort food. Appropriate, since I'm Italian. However, you've inspired me to make short ribs, which I've always adored in restaurants. This could be trouble.

  2. This looks amazing! I want to try it this weekend.

    My favorite 'guilty pleasure' comfort food is either macaroni & cheese or spaghetti bolognese.

  3. Maria - go for it! Short ribs were easy to make (I have a feeling that they're virtually foolproof if you cook for a long time) and relatively inexpensive.

    Lipstick Rules - enjoy!Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love braised short ribs and yours look mouthwatering and tender!

  5. Gorgeous looking meal! Can you share your recipe for homemade Hummus.

  6. Honestly, my favourite comfort food is a peanut butter sandwich...But if I were your neighbour (which I used to be), I'd say chili. Your meals are looking pretty phenomenal these days. Stop making us all look bad, geez.