Saturday, October 31, 2009

pizza party menu

Gudrin's smoked salmon, roasted red pepper, roasted artichoke & goat's cheese pizza
One night this week, Erin and Gudrin came over for a pizza party. What was on our menu? Take a wild guess! Pizza and wine. That's it. BTW, kudos to Erin for making the pizza dough between clients. :)
Erin's pizza: Extra virgin olive oil with a hint of garlic salt, sliced Bosc pear, crumbled blue cheese, a smattering of mozzarella and Parmesan

Gudrin's pizza: Smoked salmon, roasted red peppers, roasted artichokes, Mrs. Porter's homemade roasted tomato sauce, mozzarella, and goat's cheese

Jordana's pizza (which got stuck to the we couldn't really eat it): Sliced tomato, ricotta and Mrs. Porter's homemade roasted tomato sauce with a touch of pesto

I think we'll have another pizza party. My plan is to recreate my favourite pizza from Terra Cotta in Windsor. I like olive tapenade, spinach, eggplant, roasted red peppers, feta cheese and rosemary. Girls, will you come over again soon?

P.S. Lulu B Pinot Noir was also on the menu. It's a perfect pizza wine. Thanks to Gudrin for bring it along!


  1. Great looking pizzas! Next week, once I am allowed to share my Bertolli recipe with everyone, you can add that to your list of "go to" pizzas - you'd really like it.

    I also like the Lulu B Pinot Noir - and it has a cool label (because you know, that's important!!!)

  2. How did the one with the bosc pear turn out? it sounds interesting, im sure the blue cheese worked well with the sweetness of the pears.

  3. Mardi - I can't wait to get your Bertolli recipe. Please send as soon as you can. Best of luck in San Fran! How exciting for you and eatlivetravelwrite...

    Violet - The pear pizza was amazing. The complementary flavours were perfection, especially with the Pinot Noir. mmm!!!! Maybe next time you can come! :)

  4. These look amazing. I love the combination of blue cheese and pear on a pizza!

  5. Conor - you'll have to try the blue cheese and pear pizza at home!