Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jamie Oliver's Sweet Potato & Chorizo Soup

It's really starting to feel like fall; the days are short and crisp. Not surprisingly, the cooler weather makes a hearty soup that much more enticing.

Jamie Oliver's Sweet Potato and Chorizo soup was an absolute standing-ovation hit in my house (hubby and I were both standing and clapping!). It was easy to make and got better after a couple of days in the refrigerator like any good soup. Try it.

*Click on this link to see the recipe on Facebook.
*Check out Suzie the Foodie's blog to read and see someone else's attempt.
*Go to epicurious.com for a completely different sweet potato and chorizo soup.


  1. Jordana - this looks like a GREAT soup!!! Thanks for posting the various recipes!

  2. Jordana- I just bought some sweet potatos and Chorizo today - planning to make some this week!

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  4. Just made this today - it's quite easy, and delicious!