Monday, November 30, 2009

help me with chicken and leek pot pie

Some people say I'm relentless. Of course, I always take this to mean driven, ambitious, dedicated, committed, etc. So, I guess it's not surprising that I tried to make Jamie Oliver's Chicken and Leek Pot Pie again. The last time I made it was for my good friend Mishka and I forgot to take the puff pastry out of the freezer. This time I made it for George & Kara and it was too runny. I used flour (maybe not enough), simmered for much longer than recommended by Jamie (maybe not long enough) and chilled the stew in the fridge for a few hours before reheating (maybe not for long enough). Any suggestions on how I could have thickened the stew?


  1. Sorry no ideas - sounds like what you did was the right thing for making it less runny.. Hmmm... The pastry looks amazing though :-)

  2. I prefer to use cornstarch (mixed w/cold water) to thicken pot pies. It really should be almost as thick as you want it even before the crust goes on. Your pastry looks amazing!

  3. I like making a roux to thicken my soups and stews. In a sauce pan melt a small hunk of butter (or olive oil) with several tablespoons of flour, stir constantly and just before the flour mixture starts to brown, add enough of the liquid/broth to make a gravy like consistancy. Slowly add this into whatever you are trying to thicken. sometimes it takes several "batches" of the roux to get it to the perfect thickness. Great job on the pastry though :)