Tuesday, November 10, 2009

awesome pita chips, autumn salad, roast chicken

Have you checked out Food52? I'm addicted to the videos, the Piglet and their weekly recipe contests. This week, Amanda and Merrill are asking home cooks to submit recipes for their best autumn salads and best sweet potatoes. I thought about the salad, and what flavours/foods I'd like to include, then I built a Sunday night dinner around it.

Fall Sunday Night Dinner

Rosemary thyme pita chips (awesome recipe from Food52)
Roasted garlic & sage cannellini bean dip
Autumn salad (I'll post on Food 52 later this week)
Roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary potatoes

Let me know what you think about Food52. Could it become one of your go-to recipe sources?


  1. Thanks for the food 52 link... I've never seen it before. I'm going to try "Poulet a la Provenciale - Chcken Provence Style" from that site - and I like how people comment about the food, and how the author comments back. (at least that's how it was for that recipe)

  2. SuzanneG,

    So glad that you checked out Food52. You should enter some of your recipes (i.e. vegetable lasagna, bagels and baked goods!).


  3. Hi there, I NEED to get more involved with Food 52 - I see how it could be addictive. Love the look of this meal - can you send a portion for two over here please???

  4. Mardi - Food52 is great! I hope you'll become very involved. :)

  5. I made the pita chips tonight with honey. Mmmmm so good. I also have never heard of Food52 - what a great site!

  6. yay Amy! So glad that you loved the pita chips. I think the butter/honey/salt combo could go well with other flavours like chili or curry. :)