Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lil' Baci in Toronto (guest post by Amy)

I decided this week, after my husband suggested I pick the restaurant for our Friday date night , that we needed to start utilizing the Leslieville area after living close to the east end Toronto neighbourhood for over two years, and only ever trying one or two restaurants.

I’d made a list of six places and we decided Lil’ Baci – a small (approx 25 seats), casual, Italian restaurant - would be the first we'd check off our list. After my husband found out they didn't serve traditional liquors, he was pleasantly surprised by the wine I ordered as he doesn’t love it (at least not as much as I do). We ordered the 2006 Montepulicano d’Abruzzo, Masciarelli Doc (Marche) which went fabulously with our meal. We shared the Lil’ Baci salad which consisted of bibb lettuce, radicchio, arugula, smoked provolone, salami, chick peas, sun dried tomato, and red onion. This was followed by a pasta dish – the gnoochi alla spinachi e limone, and the beef ravoli with pomodoro sauce.

Good things about this place? It was a warm atmosphere for a chilly November night, they offer take-out, and great pasta dishes that although good for the waistlines were quite small in portion size. This could have been overcome (b/c we were warned by all the small dishes we saw being served to others) by a larger appy, but the salads and small list of antipasta they had on their menu didn’t quite cut it for our big Friday night appetites.

That being said, I enjoyed the vibe at Lil’ Baci. I’d consider going back to try their pizzas – they had a ton on the menu that all looked like the yummy traditional Italian style versions I had in Rome just a few months ago.

Next stop: Celi Cottage

I’m a small town girl who now resides in Toronto and can’t get enough of it…especially the restaurants! What can I say? I love to eat! Sometimes I wonder if I’m addicted to food. As one of Menu Maniac's roomies from university, I watched her whip up a roast leg of lamb while others ate Kraft Dinner. Her adventurous cooking has inspired me to attempt to cook, and although I try, living in Toronto is so hard when there are many tempting places to eat out. I’m an east-ender hoping to bring you some good options next time you visit Toronto.


  1. Amy -

    Thanks for your guest post! I'm really looking forward to the remainder of your Leslieville restaurant review series. Keep eating!

    Love, Jordana aka Menu Maniac

  2. Your review makes me want to come up to Toronto to eat there! Nice job. And why am I not surprised that the Menu Maniac was roasting leg of lamb in college? Classic!

  3. There are way more than 6 restaurants worth visiting in Leslieville. My neighbourhood dinner group has dined at a different one each month for two years. Walk from Broaddview to Coxwell and make a list, try them all (except Tasty Chicken. Not tasty and no chicken). Please widen your scope and keep writing. I enjoyed your blog a lot.

  4. Thanks Nancy. Once I get done with my list of 6, I will keep exploring. Good tip on Tasty Chicken - it sounds best to skip that one :)


  5. This resturant also sells great cupcakes. They sell for their sister company Baby Cakes. Delicious.

  6. Michelle - thanks for the tip! I've only heard good things about Baby Cakes!