Tuesday, September 1, 2009

new recipes: wild rice salad, grilled salmon

Our friends Hilly, Sue & Simone joined us for dinner on Sunday night. I took the opportunity to try two new recipes...a rice salad and a grilled salmon with a crunchy shallot mustard vinaigrette. You are going to love this rice salad and so are your friends. Trust me, this is going to become your go-to recipe for potluck dinners! The fish's vinaigrette was flavoured with shallots, grainy mustard and honey. It was a wonderful enhancement to the already delicious grilled wild salmon.

Wild rice salad with roasted red peppers
~Cook brown rice and wild rice blend according to package. After rice has cooled to room temperature, mix in chopped roasted red peppers, chopped fresh herbs like mint, basil and parsley, add lemon/olive oil dressing, lemon zest, kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. You can find a more complete recipe in Jamie Oliver's book Jamie's Food Revolution.~
This summery meal was a hit. I love when Hilly "oohs and ahhs" over the food. Do you have any summer meals that you must make before the fall is fully here?


  1. Love the rice recipe!!! Not a huge fan of salmon, which bums me because it always looks so good!

    Corn on the cob is my go to in summer! :D

  2. I'm calling my husband to tell him to pick up salmon immediately for dinner tonight. This looks incredible.

  3. biz319 and alwaysacritic,
    Thanks for visiting! Come back and comment after you try the recipes. I'd love to know what you think! alwaysacritic you may want to try the wild rice salad with quinoa instead!
    :) MenuManiac

  4. That salmon recipe really speaks to me! It is going on my "to-cook" list. Gorgeous!

  5. It was yum - thanks Jordana, you're the bestest. :) xoxoxo

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