Monday, September 21, 2009

metabolic cleanse menu #1: roast chicken

On Sunday, I started a metabolic cleanse. It was recommended by my naturopathic doctor who basically said that detoxing my liver and gastrointestinal tract would build a strong foundation for my immune system. Apparently, this will help me not get a million colds this winter (I'm hoping that it will also prevent swine flu). So, for the next seven days I'll be drinking icky rice and pea protein shakes and eliminating alcohol, beef, dairy and wheat from my diet.

Metabolic cleanse dinner menu #1
Homemade hummus and Mary's Seed Crackers
Roast chicken
Grilled vegetables with balsamic basil dressing
Tossed salad
No wine
Betcha can't wait to hear about menu #2...


  1. Neil and I did a couple of cleanses a few years ago - no meat except organic chicken, no vinegar, no dairy except goat milk products, no fruit except bananas, no sugar, no coffee no alcohol, no wheat etc.... Gotta say - felt AMAZING afterwards but my goodness it was a LOT of prep for me.. This looks far more do-able - will watch your progress with interest. Is there somewhere I can read about your "plan"?

  2. Um, it looks like the chicken is getting a cleanse too...

  3. eatlivetravelwrite - Your cleanse sounds fairly similar except there is no way that I'm going out without a small cup of coffee in the morning. Plus, I drink a nutritional supplement shake three times a day and take some herbal pills twice a day. My naturopathic doctor recommended it.