Tuesday, December 8, 2009

chili con carne and cheesy garlic bread

Have I told you that I go to school on the weekends? I'm in an MBA program at the University of Windsor that supplements my time away from work. Yah! Busy. Last Saturday while intently listening to my fascinating accounting prof discuss the new IFRS accounting standards, I glanced out the window and noticed the snowflakes. In my brain (or stomach) the first sign of snow, means the first chili should be made. And, what better to way to complement chili than with gooey-cheesy garlic bread (and I mean stupid-gooey-cheesy garlic bread)?

Pioneer Woman's Garlic Cheese Bread
~I substituted Mozzarella for Monterrey Jack cheese~
Jamie Oliver's Chili Con Carne
~I used a cinnamon stick instead of ground cinnamon and added a small can of tomato paste~
The evening ended with us playing Taboo by the fire. Almost as cheesy as the garlic bread...I know.


  1. Hi: Hubby here. The meal was very impressive. It always is. But this was seriously impressive. The shrimp, the cheese, the chili, the wine. I know, I am very spoiled.

    That wasn't the only thing that was impressive about Saturday evening. Jordana mentioned Taboo. What she did not mention was that Hubby and Tara made a comeback that will likely go down in the Taboo history books. Thankfully the first round of Taboo really doesn't count... at least it didn't on Saturday night.

  2. That cheese bread looks AMAZING! I'm drooling...

  3. Uuummmmm, so we're studying the Pioneers in grade 3 and we have yet to come across any recipes like the ones you just made. My students think they lived on churned butter and dried apples.
    P.S. Can you make that shrimp for me?

  4. Hubby - I don't remember it like that.

    Lauren - Make the bread.

    Merrick - The Pioneer Woman rocks.

  5. I noticed the Crestron by Hubby's right hand on the dinner table.

  6. Wow - I want to come to your house when it's snowing. Like right now.