Sunday, June 21, 2009

Toronto: Sidecar

Hubby and I went to Toronto this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We started the festivities with a dinner at Sidecar with friends. Located on College St. in the heart of Little Italy, Sidecar has a simple menu with reasonable prices. Great place!

I started with a romaine heart salad topped with crispy pancetta and a fresh ricotta-smothered crostini.
Next Sheris and I both ordered the grilled lamb sirloin. The sweet pea risotto cakes and mint vinaigrette sold me on this entree. Jay and Jay both ordered the steak frites. I ate all of their fries! The evening ended early with creme brulee.

Sorry for the poor photo quality in this post. Sidecar was dimly lit which is great for romance but challenging for amateur photographers!

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  1. The food looked great! I'm bummed that I missed it :-( I was home in bed with a headache. Although Rome picked up burritos and Strongbow for me which cheered me up a bit.